rules & regulations

As in any other country or city, there are crucial laws to understand and follow, and the limits and policies in Dubai are quite strict. Dubai is one of the safest, greatest, and most enjoyable locations to visit as long as you don’t violate any restrictions. Before visiting Dubai, you should be aware of the following rules

  1. As an Islamic country, drinking in public or outside venues is prohibited.
  2. Dress appropriately.
  3. No public display of affection as this results in getting a fine or even an arrest.
  4. Follow the restrictions during the month of Ramadan: not to drink water, eat or chew in public.
  5. Loud music isn’t allowed in public.
  6.  Keep in mind that there are no casinos in the UAE. 

Dressing in Dubai

If you’re visiting Dubai or the UAE for the first time, you’re probably wondering what the dress code is. Because the UAE is an Islamic nation, tourists and residents are required to obey and respect the norms, as well as to dress modestly in public. Clothing should not expose any areas of your body and should not contain any inappropriate phrases or pictures.
Respecting the Emirate’s local traditions is important, as is wearing properly, especially in malls, tourist attractions, or any public location, so make sure to cover your shoulders and knees.

drinking in Dubai

The UAE is an Islamic country, and while drinking in public is absolutely forbidden, it is only permitted in licensed restaurants, hotels, and bars located in licensed hotels. Drinking and driving is completely illegal, and the legislation is quite strict regarding that.

A license is required to purchase alcohol from a shop, whether you are a resident or a tourist. To apply for a license, you must be over the age of 21 and earn more than AED 3000 each month, which is equivalent to $800. The police are constantly there to guarantee that no one violates the restrictions; anyone caught violating any of these laws will be penalized.