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An unbridled celebration of sight, sound, scene and form, BLU offers the alluring versatility of a v.i.p experience in one, multi-level venue. With state-of-the-art space and areas, BLU features dynamic visual and lighting elements,smartly curated combination of both premier and up-and-coming DJ and international renowned artists.


1001 Arabic Nights

Start the week with 1001 Nights. Magical performances right here in BLU Dubai! Music by Said Abou El Rich & DJ Madi Karimeh. Make sure to save the date and reserve now for the best Arabic Night in Dubai.  Who said that Mondays are boring?⁠ 



We are an exclusive electronic music event, hosting top tier DJs from around the world at BLU Dubai. Be ÏKON, join our space shuttle and we will take you to another planet. Live electronic music from top tier DJ’s only. Every Tuesday we are sold out, so the vibes don’t lie! Live performances from Moii, Aaryon & Ronn, their unique sounds will blow your mind. Watch them perform on Tuesday, 30 August at BLU Dubai.⁠ Make your reservation now!


El Baile

Text the group chat & move your hips during El Baile. Our fresh new event with Afro, Reggaeton & Brazilian beats. Music by Taya Kruzz, Raven DJ & DJ Smith. We bet you can’t sit still. Hosted by the one and only MC Mike. Make your reservation now, you don’t want to miss this one. La fiesta más caliente


411 Nights

Your favourite urban night out is here! DJ Bliss and his friends will be hosting 411 Nights at BLU Dubai. An epic night with strictly urban feels! Come meet Mr. Panda  Vibe with DJ Bliss, Mr. Shef Codes & Taya Kruzz. Don’t forget to make your reservation!


The Blu Show

TGIF! Come celebrate the weekend at BLU Dubai & meet BLU Bear. The BLU Show is more than just a party, it’s a unique experience. Get ready to witness all kinds of sensational performances. Bring your friends & we will bring the vibes!


La Parisienne

Are you in for a proper party? Let us introduce you to La Parisienne by Futur. Every Saturday at BLU Dubai. A night you won’t forget.. Time to pop some bottles during the biggest French atmosphere. Make your reservation now!


+44 Sundays

Come to BLU Dubai because +44 will serve you real UK madness! The vibes don’t lie. Come release the week with us. Ain’t nothing better than +44 on a Sunday night! Rumor says it’s the best UK party in Dubai. Make your reservation now!



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